Adventure Stories

Math Trailblazers Adventure Stories are interesting, illustrated stories that appear throughout the curriculum to introduce and highlight mathematical concepts in Grades 1–5. These stories are designed to captivate students’ interest and imaginations in a thought-provoking and entertaining medium that students do not typically associate with learning mathematics. The stories connect mathematics to real-world or whimsical situations and help teachers establish an authentic context for learning that would otherwise be difficult to recreate. This contextualization engages students and sets the stage for the rigorous mathematic tasks that follow.

Look Around You

In this Grade 1 Adventure Book, the teacher models counting and students use one-to-one correspondence to count objects and represent and compare quantities while exploring their own classroom.

Armadillo Families

This Grade 2 Adventure Book shows how a professor and his daughter study the number of pups in armadillo families and patterns in data, setting the context for students to conduct a survey of the number of children in the families of students in class. Students then represent their data in a line plot and bar graph, which they analyze to explore data patterns such as range and mode.  

The Haunted House

In this Adventure Story, Rosita and Peter solve a haunted house mystery by analyzing a model and data to find the length and area of a ghost's footprint. This prepares third grade students to solve an open-response problem involving the measurement of the length and area of an irregular shape.


Two Heads are Better than One

As students read this Grade 4 Adventure Story, they analyze and critique the work of the characters. This sets the context for students to solve multistep word problems by representing, interpreting, and analyzing data in a graph; use patterns to make predictions and generalizations; examine the reasonableness of their solutions; and persist in the problem-solving process.

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